Where is he? I want him NOW!

This afternoon at pick up we had a bit of a situation. I was picking JM up in the car loop at school, when it was my turn I was directed to the first of six car positions after JM’s name was called. Due to walking children and adults when I passed by the spot where his class sits I did not take my eyes from the road having faith JM was in the class spot and knowing he would be walked to the assigned position by Ms. S (the T.A.). For a few scary minutes the teachers with the bull horns calling out names were unable to locate JM. His named was called several times and no one seemed able to find him. I got out of my car and looked for JM but I had MD inside and could not leave the car. There were cars all around us leaving with their children and I could not see the class spot. At some point a teacher said JM must have been put on a bus to go home, in that moment I assumed they were unable to locate him in the class location and I was very frightened. I started shaking like a leaf and the parking lot started to spin. I started crying and three teachers came up to me assuring me he would be found. As it turned out JM was right where he was suppose to be just not listening for his name. That has been the single scariest moment of my life to date. It is odd how the body reacts to certain things. I could not control the crying or shaking and my only thought was where my child is. 


I will say there was one positive that came out of this situation; I did not deal with this situation in the after mass with food. 


In addition to 30 minutes on the bike I did in the afternoon, this evening instead of snacking I walked with intermitted running on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Even when I wanted to order out pizza because of the JM situation in the car loop, even when my sweet loving enabler of a spouse wanted to order out after hearing about the JM situation I would not do it! I stuck to the dinner I had planned and we all ate it and it was fine. I was fine! 


Nine days in a row with great food choices and some form of exercising everyday. I am so proud, now to just keep it up!   

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Will "Caralluma" Allen
    Oct 08, 2008 @ 09:50:24

    That must have been a very scary situation. I hope you feel better. And congratulations on working out afterwords. At least something good did come out of it.


  2. lucy
    Oct 08, 2008 @ 19:07:28

    Riggs told me about it at lunch today… WOW!!! YOu poor thing…
    Kudos to you for being strong…
    (p.s. I have gone to the gym now 2x’s this week and plan to at least once more… keep it up girlfriend!!!)


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