Oh please let me keep this momentum, please please…

I know this blog has been consumed with diet and exercise and a bit of me patting myself on the back but A. I need all the motivation I can get B. That is what is happening in my life right now and C. It’s my blog.


Sunday went great I walked on the treadmill and even ran intermittently. My food was under control as well. I still crave food at night but I do see where it is getting a little bit easier. The craving is strong but I just need to stay focused. I feel like I have come a long way and I can not stop now. I am feeling good and surprisingly motivated.  I took MD to cooking class. The class was at a bakery and not only did I not eat MD’s leftover éclair we left right after class when all the other moms stayed and had muffins, pastries and other yummy goodness. I took MD to the park instead and we played and I walked in a circle around the playground then we ran the length of the soccer field. She beat me, legitimately but I’m not embarrassed to admit that. A month I wouldn’t have gone to the park, two weeks ago I would have sat on the bench, and today I left the park with a sense of pride not only did I have the energy to play with my child I ran with her. Her giggle is like tiny musical notes to my ears.


I feel good I actually think I may get on the bike this afternoon but I have a PTA meeting to go to at 6:30. But I have a plan for dinner so all in all I feel very positive. 


Oh please let me keep this momentum, please please…   

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  1. Julie
    Oct 07, 2008 @ 02:22:23

    Ang –

    Keep up the good work! I know it’s hard! But, trust me, after the first two weeks, it’ll seem so much easier. It seems it takes a couple of weeks for one’s tummy to shrink and ‘get used’ to the new consumption. Really. After a couple of weeks, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

    But, those first couple of weeks are TOUGH!! Just hang in there. Sounds like you’re on your way!

    Hugs! jhc


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