Weekends are always hard when one is on an diet plan. Actually I really need to stop referring to me being on a diet but rather to eating and living healthier. Anyways the weekends are hard; dad is home everyone wants to relax etc.. One thing I have done for the past six or so years is I like to go to yard sales every Saturday morning. When we lived out West I had a friend who did all the driving and I did all the eating. Normally I would get McDonalds on my way to her house and we would drive around a few hours, spend some money and have great grown up conversations. Since we moved home to the South my yard sale mornings have dwindled in number due to lack of sales around here for some reason and I don’t really enjoy doing it alone either. Well this morning there were six community sales so even though I had to go alone I was going!!!


I decided when I took on this next try at diet and exercise I would “rest” on the weekends. But I would stay in control. This morning I got up with a plan, armed with  my list of the six communities having yard sales (in the order of importance), my normal 20 single dollar bills and my 25 hidden “emergency” money, my granola bar and a bottle of water I was ready. I hoped to get to the first one at 7am the second one by 8 or 9 and hit the third one by 10:30 or 11 (if I had any money left) and then would see where I was.


Well HA! After four hours, only one community and $45 dollars later I headed home. I was alone this morning which was sad. It made me miss my AZ BFF so much! (more then normal!!)


I got some great deals but I think the best one was the Reebok RT 245 exercise Bike for only $25. The lady just wanted it taken from her driveway which I can not tell you how many times I have said that about that being the purpose of yard sales. It was at the first house I stopped at and there was (I kind of felt bad) this lady who walked up a fraction of a second after me said she wanted it but I was already handing the seller my money and thank goodness it did not turn into any kind of bidding war. I’m wondering if the seller was secretly hoping? 


Anyway I got it home and went 13 minutes and collapsed…I was trying for 30 minutes but my legs but mostly my butt was screaming! But I was sweating and my heart rate was up. Now 5 hours later my legs are still shaky. And considering I wasn’t even planning on exercising over the weekend. I’m pleased. To make it even better I had enough energy to go outside with my family and kick the soccer ball around with MD while Daddy and JM played catch. It was so very Norman Rockwell and I was am active participant not a watcher in the window. Then we all came inside washed up and napped for three hours so it will be a late night tonight.


The cherry on top was my eating has been great. I had a granola bar for breakfast, a tortilla wrap for lunch and then when I wanted a snack, though I knew I wasn’t hungry that is when I decided to jump on the bike and the feeling passed. Now it’s dinner and while we are having homemade grilled out hamburgers with loaded baked potatoes it is still the weekend and over all not that bad of a food choice as long as I keep up the not snacking in the evening.


* Yesterday was a good food day and I did the Jillian Michaels Kickbox DVD!

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  1. Elisabeth
    Oct 06, 2008 @ 19:55:47

    Love yard sales! Hate them by myself!


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