Back to reality….

This week has been a lot of fun for the Crazyfamily CD was on vacation and so yep you guessed it off to Disney we ran. We stayed four nights and everyone was ready to return home by the end. We did some things we’d never done before. For some reason we have never explored the World Show Case of Epcot (we normally stick to Future World). So we did that and the children discovered the Norway Viking ride that featured many things, one of which is the story of the Norway Trolls it was very popular with my kids. 



MD reach another Disney milestone… she is now 40”. That means she is tall enough for some of the “big” rides. Not all of them but enough to make my tummy do flip flops! We have learned our sweet angel is an adrenalin junkie; Test Track was her favorite with Dinosaur and Soarin’ a close second and third.  There will be no stopping her now I’m afraid. This is big considering CD and I like to stick to the kiddy rides… 


JM also got chosen for Jedi training which is a 20 minute show where only about 10 kids get picked. Disney runs the show about five times a days. Every time we’ve tried but failed to get picked there have been about 50 kids there also wanting their chance. We got lucky this time!! Plus he was up front so the pictures came out great. At the end of the “training” session the young Padawans get to fight Darth Vader. Very cool and unforgettable! 


Then one of the evenings right before the park was closing MD got to spend time with three of the princesses. I guess because the park was about 20 minutes from closing the line was very short and the princesses spent A LOT of time with her (and JM). It was Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Belle. The Cinderella was the sweetest, after MD was finished talking her ear off and talking pictures she called JM over and asked for a kiss and he tried to lay one on her lips and got a big laugh from everyone around as she meant a kiss on the cheek. 


When we got back on Friday JM went to school and MD had a cooking class. So much fun! The girls running the class did a whole lesson on Humpty Dumpty. They did songs, a matching & measuring activity with shoes and an art project (finger puppet) of Humpty Dumpty. Then the kids made mock eggs and bacon. They took two pretzel sticks (bacon) and placed a tablespoon of melted white chocolate on top (the eggs) and finally stuck two yellow candies for the yokes. Very cute! 


As for the last two days no one has changed out of their pajamas in this house yet. No one is looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow but I guess life must continue.

This house is in need of some serious attention and I really want to get to bed early tonight and start walking in the mornings. My dad got me the pepper spray I asked for because I will be walking alone so that excuse is gone. So we will see how that goes.      

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