New do

A few months ago I asked CD to hack my hair off. It was fun, freeing and spur of the moment. I can think of three other times in my life that I have had my hair cut short. Once in grade school the school had a break out of hair lice and like most the girls in my class I got them and my mother cut my long hair very short. Then my hair grew again and just after my son was born I cut my waist length hair into a bob, a “Rachael” to be exact. Then my hair grew again to my waist. When my daughter was born I got the itch to cut my hair again and again a shaggy bob I got. Here we are four years later no post baby crazy sleep deprived hormones to blame it on. So as good of a *cough* stylist CD is I needed to go and get my do done. I went and the stylist told me for my round face a bob is not the way to go. She asked what I wanted to do to which I replied “As short as Dorothy Hamel or just a trim whatever just not shaved”. So here it is…….


Although I don’t see a bit difference from the bob except a bunch of layers that will need a lot of up keep. I kind of got chills as I was walking away the stylist called “see you in six to eight weeks darling”.  



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