the here and now

There are certain times in a person’s life one can not “see the forest through the trees”. I am famous for that. Like when I had my daughter it was only when she was about a year old did I wonder out loud to my friends “you know I think I might have suffered from post partum depression when MD was born”. Or how leaving the west was financial suicide we may never recover from (but at least we have the love and support of our families here) but we thought it would be just a simple easy move back home. Or all those years of me saying I’m happy being fat as long as I feel good. I don’t care what I look like. I’m so ok with being overweight I will joke about how ok I am with it.



Sometimes it’s a hindsight is 20/20 thing. If only we’d know the market would keep going down when we made the offer on this house or that stock would shoot through the roof right after we sold.


The point of this is I want to take steps to make better choices in the here and now. I want to make them for the correct reason as well.


I made an appointment with a therapist who specializes in compulsive/addictive overeating.


I am very excited to be talking to her and looking forward to what advice she will provide.  

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  1. Jen (razz)
    Jun 29, 2008 @ 23:02:55

    I hope the meeting with the therapist helps. I was talking with my DH last night and we were discussing eating disorders and what not and he made the comment “You know, I’ve always wondered what your eating disorder is”…I feel like I’ve got some compulsive over-eating issues, but I’ve never taken the time to deal with them. I need to start looking into finding a therapist of my own soon.


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