Let your inner Geek shine!

It’s funny what kids will believe. I swear even as a small boy JM would believe when I would say “hurry look out the window I see an elephant” or I would pretend I had something in my closed hands. I can still get him on occasion even now at almost six to look. MD was a little more skeptical but still over all a believer in mom’s imagination. Ironically I don’t believe in telling my children there is a Santa Claus/Tooth Fairy or Easter Bunny. They are quick to tell that they are just pretend but fun to believe in.  


Anyway Disney has started their month long Star Wars Celebration at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. We went and the kids loved it. There was a parade with Storm Troopers, Sand people, Darth Vader and more. It was nice to be in the land of the Mouse but excited about more then Princesses I must secretly admit.


We stood in line to meet Darth Vader and the children were so cute about that. As JM and MD were walking up for their turn with the leader of the Dark Side I heard JM say that he would take care of her to not worry.


And then we meet Luke and Leia. Now these look a likes did not so much look like Luke and Leia but the children, oh the children it was as if they were meeting long lost best friends. And that is just it; the Disney Magic at work, those two characters humored my kids and looked genuinely interested in what they were being told by my 3 & 5 year olds. The Luke and JM spoke about lightsabers and the Leia told MD that her hair (which was in two buns) was so cute. The look on MD’s face as she walked back to me and told me “Princess Leia likes MY hair momma” was priceless.


Then after talking to a cast member about the 80 minutes wait we just did for the new Pixar Toy Story Midway Mania ride (totally cool and worth it!) and the fear to wait in the Star Wars very long ride line due to the age old question… Is MD 40” ~ the necessary height requirement to enter the Star Wars ride. You see she is just at that height so depending on the shoes, the wind and the cast member MD may or may not be allowed on the ride. When she is not allowed we do the “Disney baby swap” but it is major MD drama and I try to avoid it as often as possible, but with everyone all amped up on Star Wars Geekness we had to try. So the Cast Member  whisked us in a back entrance measured MD and in 10 minutes we were in the front row of a Star Tours ship buckling in. It’s the little unexpected things that makes Disney great! 


During that Star Wars ride I could not take my eye off my kids. They enjoyed it so much. JM has been on it before but never in the front row (it is a flight simulator). The delight and smiles on their face. The row behind us was a group of teenage girls and they were laughing at my kids, in a sweet how cute are they way. I heard one of them say to the other “the mom (me) hasn’t even looked at the screen, they’re buckled in? What is she afraid of?” And I wasn’t watching them because I was scared they would fall out of their seats but because I never want to forget how they looked or how I felt seeing them enjoying themselves so freely. 


It was a good fun day and other then the $20 in gas it took to get there and back home a cheap day too. Yes I am the mom making my family eat lunch from home and refilling our water bottles from the fountains. 


Hey I’m thinking I can even count it as exercise, it was so hot I must have sweated out at least a gallon or two of water weight. 


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