mommy I’m bored…..

I read a lot of blogs about exciting real life people and many novels about made up lives and adventures and I often find myself fantasizing about being other people with different lives. Not that I am particularly unhappy but I find our lives somewhat ordinary. Mostly that is a good thing I think but I sit back and wonder what exciting thing will happen to us today. Most of the time peanut butter in ones hair or tinkle in the wading pool is all I get in the excitement department. 


I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately long and hard and I think that is ok. Normal, boring, middle class is ok. I saw mention of this in our local Dear Abby column and it reminded me of when one of my girlfriends asked me how many pieces of jewelry had my spouse bought me during our twelve year relationship and counting my wedding set, the total is four. She was appalled, and made some statement about if her husband had only bought her that amount when they reach twelve years then he better be shopping for a divorce attorney. I smiled and sipped my coffee but the truth is I am happy with what I have received. In addition to my four pieces my spouse has given me him and all that entails, the good the bad and the ugly on both our accounts. What I’ve got is a man who loves me and will do things that sometimes make himself unhappy if it pleases his family. I have a man who will support and fight to the death for me and our children. A man who has a dream of being creative but sits at a “soul stealing” desk everyday to support us instead. No we do not go on big grand adventures or take huge risks with our small savings or visit exotic places but we are a family and a happy one at that. 


Sometimes during the day when he is away at work and I sit and stare at the kids just doing their things I sometimes feel bored or wonder could this be it? But the truth is how could it be more? He allows me to live this great ordinary life. I am watching my children grow and become little people. What I need to do now is instead of witnessing my life I need to start participating in it.        

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  1. lucy
    May 21, 2008 @ 15:01:53

    ((I have chills)) Rock on girl… I so am right there with you… I want to BE in the moment…
    Well… in my 9 yrs of marriage… one piece…our wedding set:which we created together and a handful of random pieces of body jewerly and thats it…
    There are so many things that he does that are small that means how much he loves me. He always gets my vitamins for me after dinner and usually brings a glass of water with it… he starts coffee in the morning, though he doesnt drink it, he is himself and I love him every bit for it!!!!

    Good for you! Heres to living in OUR moments… cheers!!!


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