Miss me?

WOW we returned home from the beach on Sunday and it was hard to return to reality! Hard for everyone I might add. Daddy didn’t want to return to work, the kids getting back on normal eating and sleeping routines have been a challenge and me well… I came home missing about 19 and half inches of hair! One day I just said the heck with it, put it in a ponytail and CD hacked it off, just like that. My BFF once told me long hair is for little girls and I was thrilled when CD said “oh you look like that Cruise girl”… I excitedly said “KATIE”?!? And he said “no I think her name is Suri”…. Not quite the same… it is a nice change and my long mane is securely on its way to Locks of Love as I type this.


Besides the sun, surf and lazy days the very best thing about going to my family’s beach house is taking a naked shower outdoors. There is an outdoor shower at the house and it is so nice. If you have never taken a shower with birds flying over head and the unfiltered sun beating down on your body, I highly suggest putting it on your to do list.  Sorry no photo of that one.


Now I am trying to catch up with the rest of life now…. I have a stack of work to get to, 184 emails to read, four suitcases to unpack and so many other things I am just drowning… I can not seem to complete one task. I am fortunate that my friend’s kindness arrived in a box today! Just in time this magical box arrived today filled with so many dress up costumes it was amazing! MD squealed with delight as I pulled dress after dress from this box and both children have been happily playing for about two hours now and nicely at that! So thank you Suzanne, once again you have made my day.

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