off to soak up some rays!

We just got back from Disney and now we are off to the beach until Mother’s Day! I can not wait! We haven’t been to my grandparent’s beach house since last summer. I so enjoy being there with my children. It brings back very fond childhood memories for me of my family. It also brings back very fond teenage memories or should I say the lack of some memories! I was a very popular girl among my friends when it came to the question of what to do on that day when we skipped school. We would head out to the beach house. Why we were never caught I’ll never know? At the time I just assumed it was a weekday why would anyone be at the house? And fortunately no one ever was and the distant family members who live near the house either didn’t realize I was alone at the house or thought surely I had permission to be there. 


It makes me laugh when I now stay there and told I didn’t clean it just right or something was left out of place just how nit picky some family members can be. Because as a teenager I can surely say I did not do as good a job tiding up and cleaning as I do now. I can not even recall how many times as a teenager I asked a certain friend “was that here or there when we came”? And no one ever said anything or at least not to me if it was ever noticed. Maybe my older aunt was blamed? Who knows but I certainly will not be asking anytime soon as my family still has certain powers over me. 


I’ll just consider myself extremely lucky to have an island retreat to visit now even if it is less frequent now that I require permission to be there. 


With no internet access I will get a lot of read and resting done!  

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