Happy Earth Day!!!

I remember the days when I got a strange look from the bagboys at the supermarket when I answered the paper or plastic question with “neither, I brought my own bags”. I only sometimes now get a funny look at playgroup when I am asked for a napkin or wet wipe and I hand the mom a cloth napkin and assure her it is ok if she gets it dirty. My Children’s Klean Kanteen cups seem to be common place now, my Wrap N Mats only get a glance and the underworld of cloth diapers is the new mommy cult to some.

There are so many who are more green then I am but I enjoy my place in the post baby boomer hippy movement. I miss my large blue rolling recycle bin out west, the one that was free and got picked up every Tuesday. It seems as though down South the recycling is a bit slow. But it is here, and some choose to do it even if we must buy special plastic blue bags and occasionally I spy the trash man toss them in with the normal garbage.

My kids did a project today to celebrate Earth day and recycling. In our yard we had a dead plant that we cut up, painted and added magnets to. The children had fun painting them green. I always try to talk to them about the earth and recycling. Today when I told them it was the earth’s special day MD decided we the earth needed some birthday cake so she the earth would feel happy on it’s special day and JM said he understood about how to recycle.

Me: Can you give me an example of how we recycle?

JM: sure! It’s like when you come home with new toys!!

Me: ???

JM: You know mom…. From yard a sale… a boy out grows his toys and you bring them home to me!

Me: Oh yeah… that exactly what I meant..

JM: Here mom this toy can go in our yard sale, I’m done with it. It needs to be recycled to a new little boy.

Me: I love you JM.


So does that count?

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