It is what it is

Well I’m not sure if it was the fact I identify why I blog or what but my inspiration for writing seems to have disappeared lately. Over the last month I have taken some steps to get more organized and focused and it seems to be working. As a result I have been very productive and getting things I need/ want to get done completed. 


Driving home the other night I saw something that made a light bulb go off in my head. I live somewhat away from the city, not really the country but a ways away from anything. Anyway I say two deer crossing the road. They weren’t just leisurely strolling across the street they were daring this way and that way in a grabastic “oh shit” sort of way until they found the woods and disappeared. The whole situation took about 5 seconds but it seemed in slow motion for me. I was in no danger of hitting them with my van but it really reminded me of myself in a way. For as long as I can remember I have been very scattered and somewhat of a mess. Well over the last month like I said I have been taking measures to be more focused. At first I didn’t like it; I wasn’t able to multitask in the fashion I have been accustomed to. But then I realized I have never really effectively multi tasked. I have done many things at once, sometimes finishing, sometimes not but most often in the end feeling frustrated and having about ten projects in varies stages of completion. While lately I am able to do less, I am more effective at what I select to do. It is true of my crafts down to being a better listener, I feel like I am better at each of these things. The only down side is I do have less time to do more things. The up side is I am finishing almost everything I start. 


Ironically cleaning the bathroom is not at the top of my list so my toilet still has a ring and currently there are dirty dishes in my sink but that is ok. 


I think I may be entering a new phase in my life. I can only do what I can do so I better choose wisely and that my friend is what it is.         

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