What your kisses aren’t magic?

Sometimes I feel like I’m spinning and the world is whizzing by me. I know I haven’t really gone into detail about JM’s preschool situation. I’ve wondered why I haven’t and I finally realized it was because of all my internal struggle I’m having with it. I decided it’s not worth it and this will be his last week at preschool.  

In five short months I will lose him forever to endless school, grade school, middle school, high school… college. Just because this preschool program he is currently in is free through the state I see now that is just not a good enough reason to put him in it.  

It has taken me four and a half months to figure that out but here it is. This time last year I was thinking kindergarten would only be half day and that wouldn’t be for another year to him being in three hour preschool everyday. I’m not sure why I let him go against my better judgment. Maybe I thought he needed it, not for social skills he is a very social child but for “stay at home mommyitise”. I do recall a certain muffin paper and green strawberry stem eating incident that might have convinced me my baby boy was leading a shelter life only a child of a stay at home mother leads. But what it has taken me four and a half months to realize is SO WHAT! So what he likes the crusts cut off him bread and still needs wants me to put his shoes on for him. So what he still sleeps with his Bo and thinks a kiss from mom fixes everything… so what.

 All too soon will he realize the truth and why rush that.    

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