30 days :: 23

30 days :: 23
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While this may not be my tiny moment it is in deed one. I am fascinated by this photo taken over 120 years ago. I reel at the thought how desperate Helen’s parents must have felt after she got so very sick and lost her hearing and sight at age one and a half.

I also love anything with history. Sometimes I wonder if time travel were ever to become a reality would I go forward or back. I have always been a sucker for the Back to the Future and Terminator series. I really enjoy seeing true depictions of historical events. To see just how much we currently find normal every day life that would be unheard of 100 years ago and how far we have come. But Post-apocalyptic movies just fascinate me as well. To see what other people think might, could imagine for our world’s future. Very interesting. There was a TV show about what would happen to the world if one day humans were to just disappear and it was very interesting to say the least.

I think if I was offered a ticket in a time machine today I would first go back in time to West Virginia to meet my grandmother when she was a young mother (to my mother) maybe around 1952. I really would love to sit down, talk to her, ask her to give me a crash course in sewing and ask her as many questions about her life. Questions that a fifteen year old never dreamed I would want to know. Then I would travel to somewhere in the future but too sure how far I would go. Very interesting stuff in my book….

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