Nirvana – Kurt Cobain Interview 1993 part 3

Garbage that pours out of him, no reason, no meaning.

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  1. lucy
    Mar 05, 2008 @ 11:35:10

    hey… I could see that. HOwever, that ‘garbage was my coming of age time’… I remember in 7th grade… being at my friend Meredith’s house… we were in her parents room… watching MTV and ‘Teen Spirit’ came on… meredith always ahead in the music thing loved it and I wasn’t so sure. But before you knew it… Nirvana and flannel shirts with the grunge thing (but with clean hair and makeyp) was like our ‘we are cool’ period, and not a ‘kid’ anymore and then he carried me right through the middle of highschool (until his death..) however I still listen to them and love the Foo fighters. You always surprise me with your You tube findings. take care girly!


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