30 days ::21

30 days ::21

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Sometimes after a day of Disney, or a party or really anything fun my son will say that he doesn’t want to stop. He says that the world is “going too fast” and he wishes it would stop. I guess that’s his way of saying that time flies when you’re having fun.

I agree that the world is “going too fast”. Sometimes I wonder why is it I stress about certain things or feel the need to multi task as much as I do or volunteer to do different things.

I would like to think I am a stop and smell the roses kind of girl by nature but really I have to make a conscious effort to remember to do so. My life and children are whizzing by me and there is nothing I can do about it. No amount of list making or mental tallying will stop life from happening.

Sometimes when I ignore my list for the day and I sit still for awhile, I find myself looking around at the things piling up to do and I start to feel overwhelmed. I wonder why I get that feeling. Among other things I do, I try to do a “sweep” of my house everyday. Don’t confuse this with actual cleaning. But this sweep is tossing out rubbish, junk mail, school papers, newspapers, really those things that pile up everyday. I will also sweep the house for anything I can get rid of, like outgrown clothes (yes sometimes the kids out grow things daily), discarded toys, trinkets and anything else taking up space that is no longer needed. Those things make their way into a yard sale bin in the garage. Sometimes I think I fight everyday from becoming a cludderbug. Some days I get rid of a lot and other not as much. I’m not too sure where all this “stuff” comes from. In my mind I would like to think I am a minimalist but in my mind not only am I a minimalist but I am also in shape so take my mind with a grain of salt. But what is the saying… visualize what it is that you want and it will come to you? I’m not too sure about that as I’ve been “visualizing” winning the lottery for years now and well that’s not materialized as of the last drawing. Well here’s to hoping the world stops or at least slows down a bit… oh and lottos numbers.

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