30 days ::05


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This small pile cost $3.00 but represented about 14 million. I know money isn’t everything; happiness is measured by the life we live. The experiences we hold close to our heart, but those experiences would be so much easier to enjoy when money is taken out of the equation. I’m not saying we need millions to have that security but just enough to not have to worry about the mortgage and other big bills. I tell CD that it is all “on paper” and it is just money but I wish we didn’t have to worry about things. I wish I knew 100% that the day our children want to go to collage we will be able to send them. I wish on days that CD says that his job is sucking the soul out of his body I could just say don’t go, go create music instead. I wish on days I would rather sit under a tree and read instead of working my lame computer job all that would matter is the weather.

I then remember we live in a nice home and have nice things and most of all we have each other and on most days that is enough.

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