30 days :: 01

It has been suggested by Very Mom that we all give a new project a go that Amanda Soule has started. The idea is grand and I will try. The idea Amanda has started is to document the right now in her family life by photographing the ordinary and simple little moments of their days. 

I warned Jessica and I will warn you, I am not a good photographer nor do I play one on TV.

Tag your photos with “30tinymoments” and then we can all enjoy them here.

These little feet belong to my now much better JM. He had my stomach in knots for a few days. On Monday we did in need go to the doctor who took blood and urine and sent us directly to the hospital. While the doctor decided I should have taken him to the emergency room on Saturday when I suspected he had a seizure, it probably wasn’t a seizure. Thank goodness!!! He did say if it happens again we will do an EEG and an MRI to be sure. What he did think happened and also why he sent us to the ER was his blood and urine showed he was severely dehydrated. Goes to show when ones BMs are water you need to drink a lot more then you think you do. I really thought JM was hydrated but I was wrong.  The good news is he is home now and no icky poops the entire day yesterday. I decided I will keep him out of school for at least one more day to be sure we are out of the woods. JM assures me we should spend this day at Disney to make sure he is better. But alas we will stay home and try not to infect the rest of the world.


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  1. kerflop
    Jan 31, 2008 @ 14:28:19

    I’ve created a group for our 30 Tiny Moments project! Please join here and submit your photos! (Apologies if you get this notice more than once, I’m just trying to locate everybody!)


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