This weekend only I’m serving crazy with a side of freaked out.

This weekend was very thought provoking, two big things happened to us. It started Thursday night around 4 am. MD who starting in October for the first time in her life has slept every night in her own “big girl princess” bed in her own “big girl princess” room has cried almost every night around 4am. She has been afraid to get out of her bed alone so using the restroom by herself has been out of the question. So she would cry out, we would go help her and re-tuck her into bed and everything was fine. Well on Friday night we were shocked to hear her sweet voice in our room (we are on the other side of the house) and she said “daddy please zip up my jammies so I can go back to bed”. That means not only did she not cry out for help, she got up, went to the restroom and then walked from her bathroom across the house in the dark to our room for zipper help. So if she had been wearing one of her many night dresses she would have been able to execute this task 100% alone…

Couple that with when asked when she grows up would she live close to mommy or far from mommy, without even a sideways glance she said “far” and I believer her.

All this after she told me she wanted big breasts like a grown up, filled with milk so she can have a baby… but she doesn’t want any daddy’s involved.

My baby is growing up and I fear while she is only three if I blink she will be a teenager and then a young women and then gone forever busy with her own life…It makes my heart ache.

Then Friday night after I was sad over the fact my babies are no longer babies JM decided to puke in his sleep… and had diarrhea all night and twice in the early morning. By around 11:00 on Saturday was acting totally normal and had even eaten a waffle.Then we were all outside (temp was around 70 degrees so comfortable) he just out of the blue started walking like a drunk person and I caught him before he fell. He whispered “momma I’m gonna be sick” Crazydad rushed him to the bathroom where JM was no longer answering our questions. He went totally limp with his eyes rolling back in his head. He did end up puking but only a tiny bit.Within about three minutes he was recovered 100%. He told me later when he started walking funny “the world was spinning” so he was dizzy.We debated taking him to the ER. He is five years old and not on any medications.

Now almost twenty four hours later, he is still a tiny bit lethargic with a bout of diarrhea this morning (Sunday) but no more vomiting and no more limp, eye rolling incidents. 

I think we have come to the conclusion he mostly had a mild seizure and it is just a coincidence that it has happened on the same weekend he seems to have a slight stomach bug. We came to this conclusion because the dizzy, eye rolling, non responsiveness came on so quick and then just as quick completely gone.  He was not dehydrated nor was his  blood sugar too low as he had taken in a lot of clear liquid and had eaten waffles and then an apple through out the morning. One big thing is my first cousin has seizures with his epilepsy, so it is in my family. 

Although we did opt to not go to the ER this weekend if that had happened again we would have. I am calling the doctor first thing Monday morning to see if he wants me to bring him in. It was the single scariest moment as a mother I have ever experienced. 

 But it did make me realize that even though at times these kids seem to be growing up at an out of control speed, they still need me at least for now.    

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marianne
    Jan 27, 2008 @ 18:10:11

    Jesus pistachio eating Christ! That sounds horrible and scary!


  2. mommywindow
    Jan 27, 2008 @ 20:06:13

    Thanks MR It was and I know you understand. I thought of you when MD told me she will live far away6 when she get’s old, that and she doesn’t believe she needs a man to have a baby. Ahhh our strong girls.


  3. stacey
    Jan 28, 2008 @ 13:12:52

    go to my site you’ll find helpful information on epilepsy


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