Get off your butt and smile at someone today!

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” ~Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

 It is funny to me sometimes how we (American citizens) walk around with blinders of sorts on everyday. Most of us take for granted what so many people before us did to insure the freedoms that a lot of people feel are our God given right.  How many people have given their lives and there are still many people currently risking life and limb so I have the “right” to type out my feelings on my blog right now.

 I am so conflicted about our war we have going on. I hate it really. But I do not hate the selflessness that so many men and women who act first without question to ensure my children are safe. What makes me so sad are those people’s families. So many girls on the message board I frequently are spouses of a service man. The amount of time our government asks these service people to give up with their families is almost unbearable. All the first that will be missed; sometimes even from the start of life to steps, words, teeth falling out, science projects, graduation, weddings the list goes on and on. It is just heart breaking, just heart breaking. 

 When I read about people here breaking the law, robbing, murdering and raping one another it makes me sick. Have we not learned anything? Why must brother fight with brother, neighbor fight with neighbor? 

 Even when it is just our words, words can be razor sharp. My family is a regular at the Walt Disney theme park and so often families can be seen bickering. Parent yelling at their child because of a pose in a picture, spouses looking at one another in the most sour frame of mind all this while at the happiest place on earth.  I know I am not perfect and I most definitely have my sour moments but a smile is so easy to give, praise is free and an open heart is priceless.  

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