No more “just one mores”

I know it’s getting dusty around here but I have been busy. I’ve joined a new mommy group in addition to the one I am already a member of. While most of the moms in my new group are average weight or slightly overweight, the new group is very much about fitness. It is great; we meet once a week to do circuit training. Yesterday was my first time and it was actually somewhat shhhhh fun. It was H.A.R.D. but it was good. I felt stupid but no one was watching me they were all looking stupid themselves. The real bonus is over the last month I have been walking, doing DVDs and different exercises, my kids are doing them too. Neither of them are overweight kids but I wasn’t an over weight kid. I love this, I feel like I am finally showing them something positive in regards to fitness. I have been eating better as well. I have eaten breakfast everyday, which is big for me. I have also planned my day. That plan has helped me a lot. I have been keeping my intake under 1300 calories everyday. With good planning it has been ok. Because one of my biggest problems in the past has been night time snacking I have made a plan for a 200 calorie snack at 10pm and then I go to bed around midnight. I have been going to bed hungry but it has gotten easier everyday. The other big thing is I am not buying the junk food. I have been buying the 100 calorie packs and while they are a bit more expensive I find the cost is worth it. There is no temptation to eat “just one more”.  I’ve only lost about 5 lbs but that’s ok it’s a start. I’ve also been a very active member of an online Get Fit club. There is lots of support there and there are many moms in my boat needing to lose 50-100 lbs. There is something so comforting in making a journey when I know I am not alone and that others really care about my success. On that site we do weekly weight ins, daily journaling threads and lots of tips and support. It’s really nice.

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  1. Michelle in mx
    Jan 09, 2008 @ 23:59:36

    I am SO going to have to check this out!!!
    I’m trying to work with Diet Naked team . . .I just started . . hmmm and over on she posted about exercises too . .
    I’m all pumped now!


  2. lucy
    Jan 10, 2008 @ 01:30:30

    what a nice surprise when I came to check if you had come back or not.
    And two… good for you!!! I have been struggling with ‘when’ to go to the gym, by the time hubby gets home from work… I am done! I started doing a video in the living room floor. At first both kids were like what the hell is mom doing… and then they would join in or at least be in the room.
    I am a big night snacker too, one thing that helped me from mindless eating was to brush my teeth early (sometimes I just do it with the kids or shortly after 9pm). I know it sounds silly. And when I do snack I try to only do it on the nights I catch up on my shows… or eat one of my favorites… apple slices and sharp (extra sharp) cheddar.
    Any hoo… I am happy for you to be happy! take care…
    Oh, and i love the layout! When your page came up… I was like…’whoa’!
    p.s. tomorrow is riggs baby shower! later…


  3. mommywindow
    Jan 10, 2008 @ 08:14:41

    Thanks for the support guys! Off to check the link out and going to buy some apples and cheddar today. (anything is better the chips!) 🙂


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