Airing of Grievances,Feats of Strength and the family Festivus Pole

The big day is almost upon us and the house is buzzing with excitement. We have the plan all set. Christmas Eve with Crazydad’s family. We asked them to think less is better then more in the present department…. but crazygrandfather has informed us that request was not taken to heart. Then tomorrow morning we will do a small family breakfast here, then off to my father’s side of the family to celebrate and then after we will head to my mother’s for the celebration there. From my understanding our less is more request was ignore both places there as well. All in all it should prove to be very draining but the kids will love it.

This is the first Christmas we have ever been home for since having children. The first time we have not been just our nuclear family. It is strange and Crazydad is not looking forward to it. I long for and very much enjoy the big family things. This is why we moved home, this is what I felt we had been cheating our children.  

Everyone has been enjoying our children over the past eight months but I think no one more then my father and that makes me so happy. I still miss our old life out west. Mostly my friends there and that has affected me and how I make relationships here. I am much more reserved as far as that goes. I’m not sure why but its true.  

But I know in my heart we made the right choice coming home. My kids will grow up a lot like I did and I think that is important. 

  Anyway I hope everyone has a Merry    


Chinese New Year




Festival of the Bells And a Happy Festivus to all!

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