Ok I need a dream Interpreter I had a bad nightmare last night. I am almost certain it has something to do with my food issues but what exactly I’m not sure. It felt so real!


Ok so in my dream my family is on vacation at my grandparent’s house on the beach. Something we are lucky to do a few weekends every summer. In real life there is a restaurant next door to the house we frequently get take out from. So in the dream I go to the restaurant to pick up take out dinner for my family while they stay at the house. So I walk in and speak to the hostesses, telling her my name and asking the total for my order I had called in. She informs me they do not have an order for me. I say well I know that I called so please check again. She is very snobby, and acting like a twit and refuses to check again, just dismisses me. So I find the manager and ask her to check with the kitchen. She does and yep she finds my order all boxed up and ready to go. The manager asks who told me they wouldn’t check the kitchen for my order and I tell her. The manager goes over to the hostess and speaks to her (I can not hear what is being said) and all of a sudden the hostess tosses a plate full of food on the manager and the manager then yells “You’re fired”. OMHeck. So after the hostess leaves I’m a little freaked out. But ok…. So I gather my boxes and start to walk out. As I am walking in the parking lot I can see Crazydad at the beach house. I’m walking and smiling at him and then out of the corner of my eye I see the hostess in a car in the parking lot. She leans out the window and shoots a gun at me and then its slow motion. I feel the bullet hit me in the side of my neck. I fall to the ground and I put my hand over the spot where the bullet went in and I can feel the hot sticky blood gulping out. I can hear people screaming and someone telling the hostess to “go, go”. And that is where I woke up with a start. Laying on the ground, bleeding and wide eyed….

  So what do you think?     

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