Whatever you do don’t open my medicine cabinet!!!

Sometimes I really think I have it together. Armed with my lists and surface cleaning, then other times I realize I am just treading water as not to drown!


Along time ago there was this girl in my MOMS Club who thought I totally had it together to the point that she couldn’t be friends with me because she felt so lacking in her own ability. I tried and tried to convince her I am really good at making it LOOK that way but really I am just as over my head and at a lose as everyone else.


I was thinking about this the other day when I saw a women who looked like she had it all together and found myself tossing her invisible daggers with my eyes. It makes me wonder what really is going on in the lives of people who seem to have it all.


The family that seems to go on vacation after vacation to exotic places, are they well off or in debt up to their eyeballs?


The women who is dressed to the nines. Full hair, make up and nails perfect… what’s her story? Eating disorder? Drug habit? What?


The mom who has all day to do nature walks, art projects and no TV time for the kids. Does she neglect the house?  Is she medicated? What?


I realize we all have moments in life where we think that someone else is doing a better job then we are and in some cases it may be true. What I’ve come to accept is I am doing all I can to the best of my ability.


I know I juggle so many tasks at once and not doing a too bad a job of it. The kids and I are still in our PJs. Yes the breakfast and lunch dishes sit in the sink all day. Sure there are crumbs under my table currently. And you guessed it my TV is on to Nick Jr right this minute but you know… it’s like Preschool on TV. Right?    

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  1. Tiff@Three Peas in a Pod
    Dec 11, 2007 @ 15:03:47

    Very well put!!I find my self often thinking the same things. I feel less than average when I know i can’t do it all and then some of my friends at church seem to be able to be heads of one committe or another be in playgroups, and look nice to boot. . I have Nick Jr. on right now and my boys are taking a nap LOL!!


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