Look away, look away….

I’ve question myself almost every time I tune into watch The Oprah Show. It is my own form of a train wreck. I know I should look away, curse that I can’t and almost always feel sick after I watch. Well this week is the worst of the worst of the year’s episodes. Oprah’s Favorite Things show. Which really should be called “The Oprah free in exchange for a plug, obnoxiously expensive shit you will never need episode”


I always walk away from this episode feeling annoyed with my average belongings and a bit dirty, like I just watch some $15.99 paid preview.

 One big conspiracy I think. Oprah says she doesn’t like beef and the world stops eating beef. Oprah puts a book on her list and instance best seller worthy of a shoe thank you that costs enough to feed one of Oprah’s African villages and she says something is one of her “favorite” things and we run out to buy it (or at least wish we could)??? I have been racking my brain as to what homemade items I can make my family this year for Christmas. Because yes we are low on funds but also because if I make something it comes from the heart. Unfortunately I have realized I am Jill of not many trades, actually I am a Jill of exactly NO trades unless one counts surface cleaning and web surfing as a skill and even still neither giftable.  My goal for next year is to take sewing lessons. I wonder if a sewing machine will make Oprah’s Favorite Things list ’08? And if so would she send me one……    

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