Its Pixie dust and princess power all around!

Disney Worlds Castle at night

Originally uploaded by mommywindow.

Let me start by saying we are Disney people. I grew up Disney, and when I got married I converted CD to be a Disney person and now our kids are Disney little people. I am almost certain CD and I will be the old couple roaming the park with no children giggling like school children when we are old, gray and even more crazy.


We just returned from a Disney Thanksgiving. This place does its job. As much as I want my children to go back to basics and steer them away from all things commercial, I am sucked into Disney. I believe in Disney. Sure I know they are making millions, billions, trillions off families like mine but something about that place I just love. I’m beginning to think they may put some type of mood altering drugs in the water at the parks and resorts because I am happy there like no other place.


All the cast members are so nice and helpful and sweet. I wish I could work there. Everyone is happy and so thankful when you help them. I just love it. If anyone hears of Disney casting plus size princesses call me! Here’s MD with a normal sized Cinderella Princess.


We arrive there and made it on all the rides we wanted, saw many characters and the children even participated in a Toy Story street show.


The Christmas lights were beautiful and The Big Cheese was, well the Big Cheese!  

We’re going back either next weekend or the one after that. We got the family passes for the kid’s birthdays, although CD said it’s really for my birthday.

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