What do you see?

Has anyone ever heard of the Post Secrets website? I found it about six months ago and I must say I love it. I think the concept is great. I’m sure we all have a little something we can’t tell even our best of friends. I live my life pretty much as an open book but I bet I could find something to send in… I got you wondering now don’t I!


Some people send in really scary postcards while others send in really funny ones. I think this site caters to people like me. I love reality TV, webcams and reading published diaries. I know, I’m nosey I always have been.


When I was a teenager I would babysitter for a family on a regular basis and after the children were in bed I was bored. Well this family didn’t have a television so I always brought school work or a book but I got bored and one night looked on their bookshelf… What I found was the mother’s journals from her teenage years. I know it was wrong but yes I read them. There were three and it took me all summer. She wrote about normal stuff nothing shocking or jaw dropping but it was so thrilling to me. Here I was reading intimate details of this lady’s life and she had no idea. 


Part of me thinks that what got me started on this path of being a voyeur. I draw the line at anything weird or peeping type behavior. Just the normal stuff like webcams in New Orleans or reality TV and then there is the Post Secrets website. I look back and know I was very wrong for reading those journals but in my own defense they really should have had a TV or at the very least put the journals in their bedroom.      

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