Has it been five years already?

Today is my son’s birthday. Five years has passed me so quickly. I remember the day the tech told us we were expecting a boy. In my wildest dreams I never thought I would have a boy. I always thought I would be having a girl so a boy was quite a surprise. I dreamed for weeks after that sonogram that I would not take care of his boy parts correctly and they would fall off. But after he arrived and to this day I am so thankful he is the little person that he is.

He is smart and inquisitive of the world around him. He is so sweet and caring and empathic to anyone who is hurting. And he can find a friend anywhere.


I wonder what he will grow up to become. I wonder what he dreams of that he doesn’t tell me even at this young age. I love that boy and I am overcome with emotion every time I think of how mature he is getting.  Here he is with his birthday cupcakes at school (a post for another day) surrounded by girls, he’s his father’s son for sure. They love him and he’s clueless! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

 I knew he was going to be an easy child just by how easy a birth he was. I labored with him for about twenty hours and only pushed about three times. I didn’t take any pain medication and the birth was so smooth. His father kept saying how pink he came out. “He’s as pink as a perfect piggy” is what he said over and over.

Yes five years and they say it only passes faster and faster at this point.  

  In case anyone was wondering all his boy parts are in place, I did not let them fall off.  

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