I know I am forgetting something….

I think I’ve made a realization; I am a control freak! Because I am a control freak this also adds up to “worry freak” too.
Worrying that stuff is going to go wrong that you can’t fix!

Anyone else out there like me? I can’t stand when things are out of my hands. I worry about everything too! Worriers and control freaks unite. Please join me so we don’t feel alone. We can all crab about stuff together and talk to someone who understands how we feel.

 Maybe that is why I love going to Disney; it is kind of good for our kind. We can make reservations, look at schedules, and have a plan for the whole trip but…..
Don’t throw any curve balls our way like refurbishments or a bad view or OHMY Heck someone gets sick!
We might go crazy, out of our minds, coo coo.

I think I was doing ok until today, my “to do” list is growing by the minute. The laundry, the packing, the thinking about what outfits might be the cutest. I’m hoping to capture our family Holiday card photo on this trip. No Pressure…..   Here is a little check list for our short trip…..  

Make sure all advance Disney reservations are made, save all confirmation numbers in your WDW trip folder. (best if done at least 180 days ahead)
Make copies of the credit cards you will be bringing and using on the trip to keep separate from actual cards.Call every few weeks before hand to confirm your reservations at the hotel are OK.

WDW trip folder
Travel Guide
Contact lens supplies
Cell phone charger
Charger for camera batteries

 ____pairs of underwear x ____ people = ____
____pairs of socks x ____ people = ____
____pairs of pajamas x ____ people = ____
____pairs of jeans x ____ people = ____
____pairs of shorts x ____ people = ____
____t-shirts x ____ people = ____
flip-flops x ____ people = ____
toothbrushes x ____ people = ____
aloe vera gel
spare glasses
healthy snack bars
rain ponchos
first aid kit

Make sure everyone has there Driver’s License’s (ID)
Collect all maps and schedules so you can plan out where and when you will be doing what on each day (there’s no time to waste)

Check all drawers and under beds and furniture (don’t forget the bathtub area)
Make sure no child is left.

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