Is your bag vibrating?

TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has released a traveling for the holidays training video for the public. Asking the public to pack more neatly. To think in layers, a layer of clothes, then electronics, more clothes, and then other items like toiletries. This will help security officers see what’s in your bag. 

Now I find this funny really. Most American can not organize their vehicles or even their purses and don’t even think of doing a “pop” in at someone’s home and expect to be welcomed in the door for coffee. Are they asking too much? Pack your suitcase neatly, seems easy enough but just funny that we on a whole need to be told this. It must be a problem. 

  Now I am all for airport security and following the rules but where are we drawing the line. At least they are allowing moms to keep her breast milk in her breast. I hate that we have come to this in our country. I hate that terrorist have forced us to be prisoners in our own country.  I miss the time in which one could smile at the person standing next to you and be confident they were not thinking of ways to kill you.

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