I need some decorating advice.

Here is my first attempt at decorating our new house. It is our front entryway and I think it looks warm and inviting unless you are a murder and in that case I hope it says something like these people are already crazy no fun in harming them.  

I am on the search for some art for our dining room. I would like to so something like this on the wall:**this is not my house, just a photo I found on the web I like. Also it would be in my dining room not living room.**

 But CD wants one big piece. We will see. I know I suck at this sort of thing but I really want everything to look nice and with some sort of style. Advice and links welcome. I like earthy and warm. If CD were to allow me the above idea I would fill those frames with maybe black and white shots. I like desert landscape to remind me of being out west mixed with black and white landscape of the beach to remind me of home. I think the contrast of location will be interesting and I love black and white shots. But we will see.  

Here is the kids’ bathroom. I pick these up for a dollar for all three and I just love them. I’m not sure why.

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  1. Julie
    Nov 19, 2007 @ 19:22:29

    Now, I ESPECIALLY like the framed art in your entry!! LOL!

    Just one comment…When you hang objects de’art, try to keep them at eye level…unless you have many rows. I do love your choices for the entry and bath…


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