Are you giving me the stink eye?

I am all finished with the purging and selling. We sold tons between last week and this week’s sale. I got rid of all the big stuff including the refrigerator. Today’s sale was a success and I sold almost everything at a quarter today. I am happy with what is gone. So when I cleaned up today I kept one bin filled with clothes and one bin filled with toys and misc items. I filled two huge bins filled with art supplies, treasure box type toys and teaching books to donate to JM’s classroom. And the rest, still about five big boxes the charity is picking up next week!!!!

I am so excited to be moving on with our lives!

It was about 40 degrees this mooring there was even frost on the roof tops! Thankfully one of my friends sent me these gloves and scarf from a swap we just did. I was toasty!!!

 Other news is JM woke up with pink eye in both eyes…. Where’s that damn breast milk when you need it. I called the doctor who insisted on seeing him (on a Saturday morning for double the fee). Thankfully I had the sale to tend to so crazydad had to take them because after an hour in the waiting room the doctor spend about one second before saying yep it’s pink eye and wrote the Rx for drops. And why did you need to see my child for this? And why can’t you write an Rx for the pink eye that is sure to come to little MD like probably tomorrow?  I hate doctors! Anyway nap time for everyone!

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  1. blueseaglass
    Nov 18, 2007 @ 01:52:39

    Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog – I always want to hear other views! Two of my fatal flaws are stubborness and being opinionated.

    Pink eye is not that hard to ID he totally could have done that over the phone. I hate doctors too. I am more and more convinced we should all go holistic. Herbs, massage and yoga.

    Maybe tomorrow.


  2. mommywindow
    Nov 18, 2007 @ 02:03:04


    I don’t think stubborness and being opinionated are fatal flaws. I think not having an open mind would be a fatal flaws and clearly that is not the case.


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