What are you putting out into the Universe? I’m armed with packages….

It’s funny how the universe works. How what you put out there comes back to you sometimes ten fold.

I love message boards. I have always been an active member on one board or another. Most boards have some sort of swap partner situation where there is a theme and everyone is paired up and you send an item to your swap partner and then you receive an item from another person who has you as a partner.

 I have done these a few times and the turn out has been ok, sometimes I get something great and others well, I got something. It just something fun to do and getting mail is always fun. Over the last couple of months I have been part of a RAOK* swap of sorts. This “swap” is every month if you would like to participate you post in that month’s thread the items you would like to receive. These items should be within reason. For example I have listed I like to read, write in journals and collect boxes.

When entering in this RAOK swap one should know you may not receive anything no matter how many items you send out. When and if you receive an item you need to remember a few things; if you do not like said item you should not sell it but pass it on and for goodness sake you should not complain about any items or lack there of. 

I always send out items that are in good condition that I have around the house, so really all I pay is shipping. I normally send between five and ten a month. I enjoy doing it. I feel like it’s on someone’s list, I have it and its just good karma. Plus it may brighten someone’s day.

Well I got an email the other day telling me how this person was having one of the worst days ever and just when she thought it couldn’t get any worst the mailperson brought her my package and everything seemed like it would be ok. I replied to her that I was happy to help and even joked at the insignificant trinket I had send when she said something so key; she said “It’s not what you sent but that you send it”. And that just clicked… one of my BFFs** (yep you guessed it a GTF***) told me to be on the look out that she sent me a package. Now I have been practically stalking the mail person everyday. The truth of the matter it doesn’t matter what’s inside that box I will love whatever it is she sent but the fact that she sent it is what is important. 

 When a person takes the time to do something for another human being that they are not required to do no matter how small or insignificant it may be it makes a difference.  

When you hold the door for someone or say bless you on the street when someone sneezes or send a friend a package in the mail you are touching a person life in ways you may never know.

I think this is very important for everyone to remember. I’m all fuzzy ducks and warm bunnies just thinking about it.      

  *Random Act of Kindness

**Best Friend Forever

***Good Time Friends

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