Where were you three years ago? I know where I was….

I can hardly believe it has been three years since my little princess graced me with her presence. She is her own girl. She is a song bird who is strong but needs my protecting. She is always the good “guy”, the nurturing mommy and the princess. She may play the princess but never the one that is in the tower screaming to be rescued but the one wheedling the sword to fight the dragon. She is beautiful and sweet while digging in the dirt for worms and patting the ice cream to see how sticky it will become. She is the girl who breastfeeds her babies and barely has room in her new big girl bed for herself because she thinks all of her babies need to have a good rest with her.


Today she is three, not a baby anymore. That thrills me and at the same time I cry at the thought of her growing up. I take small comfort she is still a child, one who looks to me when she is unsure for a nod, a helping hand. When she is afraid or in a new setting it is mommy who’s skirt she hides behind. But everyday she grows, more sure of herself and one day it will not be out the front door to play on her new scooter but one day soon she will be skipping out the front door to go to school. 


Today was wonderful; we all slept late and went to a late brunch. We visited both sets of grandparents. We had a fantastic time at a local carnival and finished the day with (MD’s choice) a steak dinner. My girl has good taste! It was a magical day and everyone was so happy.   


I love you princess dirty face, our little “blue light” special. Happy Birthday!   


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