We’ve moved… no longer are we in the House at Pooh Corner…..

WOW sometimes I can hardly believe I am living my dream, that I am a mother of two beautiful children. The road has not been exactly like I thought it would be but good none the less. When I was a child and played house with my dolls, they were always “babies”. Very rarely then or as a young adult did I ever give much thought to being a mother to young children much less older children. 

Last year I posted about our family sleeping arrangement. We have for the last five years enjoyed the “family bed” AKA co-sleep. There are many articles on the subject but really we did it first because I nursed both babies and it was easier but then because for us it was the right choice. Many parents who practice the Attachment parenting style of parenting co-sleep. We have always been happy so enough said. Well with the move and the cramped quarters for the last six months while waiting for our old house to sell I have been more thankful then ever for our sleeping arrangement. But when we began looking for our new house and seeing all the model homes decorated in ways even Martha Stewart would be shamed our oldest JM began seeing these “big” boy rooms all decked out complete with bed. He decided he wanted one of his own and the girl decided anything brother has she must also have so thus begin the “We want our own “big” bed, in our own “big” kid rooms. Phew ok with the family bed there has never been a need for them to have thier own rooms. In the old house JM’s room was an upstairs playroom and MD’s room was really my scrapbook room. But they wanted their own space so after explaining if we buy furniture (including said big kid bed) they would have to use them. I must admit I was using some less then nice ways of describing the long dark hallway and the fact they would be all alone. I like our family bed…. But they assured me they wanted this so we got them their new “big” kid beds. My friends have been warning me for years what a nightmare getting these kids out of our bed would be. After all this is all the children have ever known since birth. Well I was banking on my friends being right. I would miss our family bed……

 But oh how my friends were so wrong. The first night in this new house with more night lights on then the noon day sun they were in their new beds, Asleep. No crying, no whinning just sweet kisses and that was it.  I have mixed emotions about this. I miss my kids and the first week I was up checking on them just about every hour, but they were fine. No one has gotten up to come to my room, no one has screamed out in fear in the night. Although MD still calls me around 4am to come tell her it is ok for her to get up to go pee-pee but I’m sure after about a few more nights that will be over too. I guess this means they are no longer my babies. Oh how I miss my babies.   


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  1. Marianne
    Nov 09, 2007 @ 14:49:35

    Please excuse me while I finish snickering with the other GTF…..girlfriend, do you really think that one night of them sleeping oh-so-peacefully in their very own “big kid” beds means that you are through with the family bed? I’ll give you three nights of this. Tops. I could be wrong, and certainly have been wrong before, but if I were a betting person I would put money on those big kid beds being big kid toy and clothing holders before too long. 🙂

    On a different subject, I was thinking about your last post on my way to an interview this morning and laughing about that one story you have about the yard sale where you put the dirty diaper in a storage bin that you were throwing away and then the guy came and bough it for a dollar! Remember that? I was laughing…..I miss you.


  2. mommywindow
    Nov 09, 2007 @ 15:01:31

    I’ll have you know they have been in their big kid beds with no complaining for 15 nights (including last night). So snicker away… 🙂 We started them in there the first night in the new house. It just took me this long to write about it because it has taken me that long to really accept it is really happening. Can you believe it?

    And yes I do remember that dirty diaper guy LOL I’m betting he remembers me as well.

    I miss you so much as well. I thought I would be just fighting off all the attention and company here but turns out I’m more lonely then ever. See I guess that’s what I deserve for moving home….


  3. mommywindow
    Nov 09, 2007 @ 15:11:00

    No one get thier feelings hurt I miss all my GTFs a lot!!!!


  4. Marianne
    Nov 09, 2007 @ 15:36:20

    I totally hear you! I moved back home thinking the same thing…that surely I would have no problems at all making new friends and plus I would have my family how could I go wrong? And it turns out that it sucks to make new friends and my family is great but they all have jobs during the day so they aren’t great about going out to lunches and bitching about their husbands. I need GTF for that!


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