Working is for suckers!

My Crazydad has a desk job. It pays the bills, he’s good at what he does but he hates it. I hate it. The kids hate it. I have always had a hard time each morning when he leaves for work. When we were first married I would cry all the time to get him to stay home but I was working as well so it wasn’t that bad. Then when we moved out west and I was Pregnant with JM it happened a lot. I wasn’t working, new to the area and just all around miserable. Then when JM was born CD wanted to be there all the time. He got smart. His company thankfully gives them a lot of “flex” days to take off. The only problem is an employee must “bid” for time off once a year for the whole next year…..


What he did was schedule to have at least one or two days off a month. He has done that for about five years now. It works great. Everyone loves when daddy is home for three or four days at a time but the day he returns to work is so hellish. That would be today. He had Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday off. Today sucks, everyone is in daddy withdraws. It’s not that he does anything special when he is here but he is just present.


CD has so many talents. He writes novels, he has about five finished sitting on our hard drive right now just waiting to be published. He writes westerns, sci-fi and thrillers. I think they are good. He writes and records his own instrumental music he has cd after cd cut. I also think they are great.

  So if anyone knows a music producer or a publisher please o’ please for my children’s sake leave me a comment. We need our crazydad to work from home doing something he loves instead of his current job which is quite certainly zapping the life right out of him.  

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