How much for a slice of sanity? You know everything is for sale…..

Well sports fans we can see the finish line. I would say we only have about maybe two days worth of unpacking left to do. WOOO WHOOO!!! The yard sale pile is like no other I have seen. I will totally be ready to sell, sell, sell on Saturday and what doesn’t sell the charity is all set to come next Monday morning to take away. I need a fresh start. No hold over for the next sale. I am a little depressed about this sale; it will be the first one I’ve held alone in over five years. My usual sale buddy is back west holding her own sales. It just won’t be the same without her …. Who will I make fun of customer with? Who will I make bets on what a person will buy with? Not to mention I will have to come up with my own kitty and set out my own signs….. I miss my friend for so many more reasons then that. I still talk to her almost everyday but I miss hanging out with her or last minute lunch dates or all the other stuff we were a great pair at doing. I miss her.    

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