Just click Google

I do swear by Google. A phonebook HA who needs a phonebook. Which store carries that humidifier? Can’t seem to remember the song lyrics, Stats on how insurance fraud jumps during the holidays or just my own name. Google. I heart Google.  

WordPress has this cool little feature, the search engine terms feature. It shows all the terms people used to find ones blog. I am sure if I had an account that I actually paid for it may carry more then a seven day history but who needs that? Anyway I am always interested in what terms brought a person into my small corner of cyberspace. I have seen and understood such terms as;

 “sahm feeling fat”

“crunchy parents”

“meaning of neurotic”

 These all seem to make sense to me and these people may have actually found something here that made them smile but what I don’t get is terms such as these; 

 “+”sesame street” +breasts”

“Little girls with boy haircuts”

“naked hot SAHM”

“is it ok to eat my boogers?” 

And various other terms and phrases that have to do with little kids. Some of the terms scary me and some just make me scratch my head and wonder who are these Google searchers and what is wrong with them?  Some days I am happy to see the extra traffic here even if I hate to include the word booger in a post but I ask this …. Who really who wants googleites who are searching the web for the unattainable and elusive “underboob”?

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  1. Michelle in Mx
    Nov 07, 2007 @ 03:30:13

    ALways a great way to get a few giggles !!!!


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