Is that on sale?

Unpacking has been an enlightening experience for me. Although this is our fourth move in five years this is really the first time I am meticulously gone through each and every item before finding a permanent home in the new house. I would say I only have about ¼ left to go before being finished. While I have about 20 boxes left to sift through and sort. I have taken two huge bins of clothes and toys to local consignment stores. I have about 15 boxes filled to the brims with items to go in my yard sale that is schedule for next Saturday and then there was the two huge bin filled with completely new items to be returned to Wal-Mart. Items I have bought at one point or another and put away for the kids to give to them on some future occasion. I returned these items because they have outgrown these items before even opening them. I realized I have a lot of unopened items (not all returnable to Wal-mart) that are now sorted in their various “for sale” bins. It makes me kind of sad that I could do that. On one hand at the time I thought I was getting a deal and it was a good thing. I think what I need to realize and focus on in the future, it doesn’t matter what kind of deal it is if you don’t need said item just don’t buy it.  I think this is a very positive step for my family. Going to yard sales and buying second hand items for pennies is one thing but going to a store and buying new items that we don’t need has to S.T.O.P!      

I have also been enlightened as to how much my Crazydad has no idea where items should be kept in ones house. Although he was most helpful in placing my Longaberger basket collection on the plant shelf.   

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