I guess the word got out….

While yes I realize Halloween is over I still need to vent about our Halloween experience in our new neighborhood. After going out at dust with my two children we returned home, turned the light on and waited…. And waited …. And waited….  

But no one ever came. Not one darn trick or treater? Can you believe that? I am shocked. We are in a community FULL of families but nadda… CD thinks everyone was out when we were out but I saw kids on the street after we were home. (I was looking).

I had been so excited. I felt I was very responsible and also very “green” in that I have a bag of bead necklaces all ready to hand out instead of candy. These were tossed to my children at a parade last 4th of July. At the time I thought great what can one family do with about 500 sets of beads but then it dawned on my trick or treaters! Ahhh yes recycling and a bit healthier then yet MORE candy. So I have been just trilled to death and anxiously awaiting Halloween to arrive for the last three months. Just tickled pink with myself and then….. no one showed… it was only 7:30; the porch light was on, children were out… what was the problem? CD was laughing his head off and teasing me if I handed those out that our new house would be egged. He said we would never be able to find any teenagers to ever baby-sit or mow our lawn unless we handed out the “good” candy and these beads were not going to cut it. Well I guess they will never know now will they??? I must admit I am somewhat disappointed and now I still have 498 beads to do something with… maybe I’ll tuck them away for next Halloween… you can’t do that with left over Twix bars… oh wait whoever ends up with “left over” candy bars?

o’well I thought my little Lilo and Stitch were too cute!  AND they liked thier beads!

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  1. Marianne
    Nov 02, 2007 @ 20:45:13

    How do you get your kids to go as a matched set? Every year I try to convince my kids to do something like that and I think they would rather skip Halloween than do it!


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