ummmm hello?


Well I’ve had a few emails requests for some before and after pictures of the new house. I fully intend on posting and writing about some after as soon as there is an “after” to report. I currently have some pictures of before and in the middle (in the middle of unpacking hell that is) for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

Who knew how much crap one family could have. I suppose as it was pointed out to me today that if I had have more then 3 weeks notice of this cross country move I may have had a chance to purge some of the crap before the move but that was not the case. In addition to unpacking half burnt candles and expired coupons I have found that the hired movers really wanted us to have ALL of our belongings. I have found garbage in the packed garbage bins and opps some dirty laundry in a hamper.

I also believe my family single handily wiped out a totally forest in the amount of packing paper the movers used. The good thing is one of my new neighbors came over last night and informed me she was moving this weekend and asked if she could have our packing paper and boxes. So she took what I have already unpacked (about half) of our household. My sister asked me to keep a few supplies for her so I am feeling good about the supplies being reused.

In any case I need to go to bed but wanted to supply a quick progress report just so no one got scared and called a missing person report on crazymom.

Those before and hopefully after pictures to come very soon and a preschool and sleeping arrangement update also not far behind… I need to get those posts written because my head hurts, this brain of mine is full I tell you F.U.L.L.

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