Anyone seen my……… mind?

Well so much for checking in once a day! Not only is moving the pits with our storage units set to arrive this Friday, we’ve had a few medical scares. Everyone is ok but it has been quite the week for everyone so once a day is just been to hard for me. I promise once things gets settled I’ll update more because really there are so many things flying around in my mind these days that I need to get OUT. But moving is the driving force and around here the squeaky wheel gets the oil (just ask the girl). All the craziness that has been leading up to this move has been almost overwhelming. I have somehow misplaced the children’s shot records…. I know shocking that *I* could lose anything but it is true. I have searched and searched but they are nowhere to be found. Fortunately our old pediatrician is in the process of faxing the kids’ records but I can only imagine the looks I will get at all our future appointments or anytime shot records are needed, the look of what kind of mother loses shot records????

I’ll tell you what kind…. One that has been living in transient for six months, one that is borderline OCD and this kind of living with piles here and stacks there and NOTHING in a permanent place is killing her. I normally can handle piles and stacks but those are in permanent places those stacks and piles and this is just kind of… I don’t know what to do with you nor do I have any room so you go…uuummm… here. Really there is a difference… at least to me. I can not wait to get in the new house and everything gets organized back into permanent spots! Then I’ll only lose the unimportant things like gift cards, keys and my mind.

  We’ve been working like crazy to get the house just the way we want. I have made many calls and made many appointments; Change of address, change our drivers license, carpet cleaners, movers, appliance installers, tile installers and as soon as my slow as fuck lovely HOA calls me with “permission” we will be installing a screened in porch and privacy fence. Speaking of one other thing we had to do was have pest control come out. We have these super neato things called pest tubes. When the house was built they had these tubes ran all though out the inside of the walls and on the outside of either side of the house are “ports” and the bug guy just comes injects the tube ports and bam no more bugs and my family isn’t in direct contact of poison. Neat huh? I thought so….  We also installed ceil fans and light fixtures and painted the kids rooms. I came up with a cute idea for the girl’s room. Out of the extra 2” wood blind slats I made a white picket fence on one of her bedroom walls. I must say her room is turning out more then cute! If my camera wasn’t at the other house I would post before and afters now but they are coming but be prepared for totally girly cuteness! I hope to one day grow up and be only half as creative as Very mom, hey a girl can dream! I am totally stealing her wall letters with scrapbook paper idea, I so hope she won’t be very upset with me. The boy’s room was painted green not very exciting but it is just how he wants it so everyone is happy. Ok off to call all our magazine subscriptions….    

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