What’d you do for the last time today?

Our new house is in the same city but in a different township as the one I grew up in. It’s almost out in the country. Moving back here six months ago I had forgotten what a college town this is and being in my new community where my new house is really points that fact out. It was a great place to be when I was in the stage of life but now I find it almost annoying. All the young single people running around, driving to fast, taking up all the meaningless part time jobs and just being loud like only college kids can be.

Ever wonder what you would do differently if you knew you were doing something for the last time? Like I might have hit that extra house the last time I ever was an acceptable age to be out trick or treating or I might have sat back and taken everything in more instead of ripping to the point the last Christmas morning with my mom, dad and sister before we all grew up and into new family patterns. I might have drank just a little more had I known when I was attending the last party as a young carefree single person. Or breathed just a little bit deeper the last time I kissed a handsome guy who was a perfect stranger with no strings attached or in exchange for the trash to be taken out. Maybe I would have danced just a little while longer had I known it would be the last time I would be in a nightclub. I would have smiled to myself a little bit wider had I known it would be the last time I could wear a bikini in public and not have mother’s shield their children’s eyes. And I most certainly would have come up with a better conversation topic then how long salami can last after purchase had I know it would be the last conversation I would be having with my grandmother.

 I am taking everything in with this new house repairing because I am hoping this will be the last time in a very long time we are doing this. Maybe the next time we will be wealthy and we can have everything done for us but for now, that is not the case and it is taking its toll on the whole family. I know it will be behind us soon enough and we then will be ready to experience some other thing for the unwitting last time.

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  1. Rita
    Oct 15, 2007 @ 20:13:48

    Hang in there girl, looking forward to see pics of casa Carter


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