Who are you? I am a well meaning SAHM of two, neurotic, compulsive overeater often talks on cell phone in traffic approach with caution.

The other I was driving along and realized a police office’s car was behind mine. I wasn’t spending or breaking any traffic laws but for some reason when a cop car is behind mine I always tense up. I place my hands at the ten and two position and check my speed and shhh the children. A traffic ticket is never a welcome addition to our monthly bills. Then as I drove on my mind started to wonder, do you think a cop runs the tag of everyone he follows? I think maybe out of being nosey I would. Then I got to thinking wouldn’t it be funny if there was some sort of quick bio when he ran the tag. Like mine would say well meaning SAHM of two, neurotic, compulsive overeater often talks on cell phone in traffic approach with caution.


As the cop past me I smiled and began running my own tags in my mind. I followed a crazy love sick collage student who is a part time activist. An overweight work a holic who eats most meals in his car and a road ragged teenager who acts as though he is never wrong.


I guess this is just a form of profiling and stereotyping but one has to wonder where these stereotypes come from. My guess is they start out as some sort of truth. I may not like all the stereotypes that comes along with being a SAHM but a lot of them are pretty close to the truth. I may not feast on bon-bons and watch TV all day; I do a lot of stuff in that nature I couldn’t otherwise do if I was working a normal 9-5 job. My job is a lot harder then some would like to admit but none the less it comes with a lot of perks only the SAHM can enjoy.

 So I am just rambling now but all this to say I was followed by a cop who wasn’t really following me and then he past me and I thought it was funny that my palms went all sweaty and heart skipped a few beats.   

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  1. palofmine
    Oct 10, 2007 @ 19:04:34

    I often think the same things. I enter ” drug town” on my way to get the kids at school…. and the sheriffs office is near. Today the cop was there and thankfully my cell phone is small enough to hide behind my ear, and I can scratch my ear like it itches for a quick cover up!


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