We now live on a lake, hope no one falls in….

I love this center piece.

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 I really want to be that wife, you know her. She’s the wife and mother who watches The Martha Stewart Show and actually has the ability to duplicate what Martha makes. Instead of what I do, which is stare mouth gapping open thinking OH MY Heck? Part of me feels like this new house is somewhat more then I can handle. This house which is Oh My Heck just amazing and beautiful and once the HOA realizes what kind of people we are will sure plot our extrication and fast!  

That is one of the problems with buying a home that was foreclosed. We got an amazing deal well below market value. A home we could have never even thought about owning, with upgraded features that a person like me only dreams of so we are clearly out of our element. These people have lawn services, housekeepers and send their children (including their toddlers) to preschool even though mom stays home all day. So I suppose I have a few things to think about and consider. I know number one the list is improving our family diet, getting our family moving more and decluttering our lives both mentally and physically. (Starting with the play room!!!).

 Then who knows what’s next…. maybe pumpkin centerpieces?

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  1. Michelle in Mx
    Oct 02, 2007 @ 00:40:17

    goodness! I would be SO out of my element . . but heck, I’m all about missionary frump. It’s not even funny . . . I get out done at the Olive Garden! LOL!
    Be yourself, be OK with yourself . . . enjoy the lake!


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