Hi I’m Crazymom want have dinner with me? Please….

Today was good. Today I made four new friends. Four friends I needed, all stay at home mothers, all with children my children need. They aren’t the friends I am use to but I did enjoy myself. It felt good, it felt bad as well. I miss my old friends, the ones who know me. The ones that know me and love me. The ones that not only love me but also my kids.

Hopefully I will connect with some of these new girls but I hate this part. This part (at least for SAHMs) is like dating. You remember dating…. The meeting, the we have these things in common, the try not to put your foot in your mouth, the smiling and nodding even when your mind is screaming huh?  All of the things one does when they are trying to get along and fit in.

 I have never been a follower but for some reason I feel so out of my element. I am in a role I have never been in. I am now the mom with the older children.    Making friends has never been hard for me. Even last year when I had a mini “I hate crazymom” team of two workin’ the crowd, I still managed (with the support of those girls who love me) to make friends and have fun. But for some reason this seems different. Maybe because I want friends for my children and before they were so little (and cute) my friend’s children would just be friends with them. Now that they are bigger (still cute) but very much their own people I worry.  It’s stupid I know in my heart everything will be fine. I know I will find MOMS I will connect with and who connect with me and my kids.

But why is it so hard?

Does this ever get any easier?

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