anyone want to join me? There’s room for two….

When the boy was two years old during my pregnancy with the girl, my MOMS Club had a deal with a local gym. We went once a month to one of their classes and had the luxury of putting our children in their childcare facility. That was very nice and I enjoyed the class but most of all I looked forward to the shower in the locker room after. Not because I like being in a small stall that has seen more ass then a movie house or the low quality free shampoo they offered or walking in or out with other women. No, none of those reasons. The reason I looked forward to this gym shower every month was it was the only shower during that month I was able to not only take alone but uninterrupted. I was able to wash my hair, my body, shave my legs and just relax all by myself! 

 I have missed that gym shower since the deal is long over. A point punctuated with the fifteen questions I just get upon entering my shower every night. This evening it is like they have “mommydar” something like “gaydar” but different.

I go in shut the door… forgetting to lock it. I remove my clothing and before I can even turn the water on my daughter, who may just be just qualify for the Guiness Book of World Record for the world’s smallest bladder, walks in…. 

MD: Mommy I have to pee

ME: ok go ahead…. But don’t flush 

I then step in the shower and then I hear knock, knock 

ME: what?

JM: mommy my hands are sticky,I need to wash my hands

ME: ok go ahead

JM: Mommy there is pee in the toilet

ME are you done?


Back to showering… 

CD: hon are you finish with the paper?

ME: Ummm yea I guess

CD: ok I’m taking the recycling out then

ME: ok go ahead 

Me trying to finish with my shower… 

JM: mom MD won’t share…

MD: mom JM is being mean…       

ME: where is your daddy? Go find him please… 

Giving up on my shower and now drying off 

CD: why are the kids in the backyard?

ME: I guess looking for you? I’m in the bathroom….  

Oh how I long for my once a month shall in the gym…. Ten minutes all to myself….    

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  1. angellust
    Sep 15, 2007 @ 18:15:58



  2. Michelle in Mx
    Oct 01, 2007 @ 02:32:05

    I here you there!!!!


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