9/11/01 is such a horrible day in history for Americans. So much has been written about that day and the time leading up to the attack. I walked away from that day very worried and sad. Worried for my country and our safely and sad for all the families that lost someone that day. Those people that can never be replaced no matter where the blame truly lies. With that in mind I read this article yesterday that literally made me sick. In a nut shell the author, Hana Schank was expressing that parents in today society tell their children they love them too much… UMMM WHAT? She further went on to say children should just “know” they are loved. That she found herself saying she loved her toddler only after screaming at him.

  Well as you know I am not a model mother and I do my fair share of yelling but there is never a lack of “I love yous” in our home. I can see why she feels the statement is not genuine after a screaming session but what about all the other times?   

I on the other hand find myself telling my children out of the blue how much I love them and how honored I am to be their mother and how very special they are to me many times during each day.

  I am not questioning Ms. Schank’s love for her child, on the contrary I feel so incredibly sad and sorry for her and her child. One can only wonder how does she look into her child’s eyes without being overcome with pride and burst with love that it oozes out? Yes actions mean so much more then words do but I hope at the end of the day my actions and my words are in line with one another. I could never start the day, end the day or leave my child without the expression of love. That goes for my husband as well. I can not imagine him leaving for the day or laying down at night without the exchange of “I love you”. As we learned on September 11, 2001, life is fleeting and sometimes we face challenges we were not prepared for so I would like to be armed as best I can. I am not a believer in time will tell or work something out. I believe in the here and now and if one has something to say it’s best to say it and not leave it to wonder because you never know when the last time is.  So my advice is tell your loved ones how much they mean to you even if you think they may already know.      

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