Everything is a sliding scale

You know just when I think I am at the bottom of the self pity barrel something happens that bring it back into prospective. I can not go into detail but my sister is in trouble. The kind of trouble I am not sure myself or my family can save her from. What is the most heartbreaking about this situation is not only are the people who love her and know the kind of person she is, we are helpless to protect her. Like everyone else she has had her share of ups, downs, highs, low, good choices and not so great ones but this incident happens to be one of the times she truly was minding her own business and was literally in the wrong place at the wrong time.  I wish I could scream from the roof tops why are you trying to hurt her? Why are you so greedy? She is a real person with real feelings!   She has gotten her life straighten out and going back to school and everything is looking rosy and then BAM this thing happens.  Now her fate is up to others and I hope they see what a wonderful person she is.

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