Psssst look what I got… I’ll sell ya some…

I take a few medication from time to time. I have always gotten cold sores so I will on occasion take a prescription for that. I also take a water retention pill (that also keeps my blood presser down), I also have asthma and take related medication for that. Well I also take a prescription pill for Acid reflux AKA heart burn. None of the pills I take are addictive or “goofy” pills as my grandmother puts it, none of them are high dollar street pills but for some stupid reason my new doctor insists on having me come in every three months to “see” her to get my refills. Why can’t she just write me a year’s prescription like every other doctor and we all live happily ever after… But no the appointment goes something like this: 

We walk in sit in the big waiting room for about an hour all the while I am reminding my “angels” to behave. Looking around trying to decide what super bug we will catch from these sick people in the room. Reminding my children not to touch, lick, hug the furniture with sick germs crawling all over them. Then they finally call me back I get my blood pressure taken and weighed~ what fun! Then we wait in the small waiting room where my angel proceeds to completely trash the room…. Make me come every three months and I’ll make you remember me. Then the doctor comes in…

Doctor: How have you been?

Me: exactly the same as I was in May.

Doctor: Is everything going ok with this medication?

Me: Everything has been fine. It’s been working for the last seven years so I don’t anticipate any problems now.

Doctor: ok then (writing out RX) have a great day.

Me: You enjoy your dinner funded by my co-pay.  

So now armed with my super strong and highly desirable heartburn meds I’m off to the pharmacy to wait another hour.     

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